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AlgoRhythm Wall Systems

Description: AlgoRhythm Wall Systems can be used on building exteriors and in interior spaces including lobbies, conference rooms, showrooms, exhibitions, residences, hotels, airports, convention centers, retail stores, restaurants and malls. Used in large public spaces, these forms can direct the movement of the eye and the flow of traffic.

Form: The curvilinear forms can be varied in size and curvature depending on design needs. The undulations can be in any direction (vertical, horizontal, inclined) or in any plane. Planes can be flat or curved.

Modules: All walls are constructed from 3-dimensional modules of variable size up to 4 feet-6 inches by 11 feet.

Details: All modules are attached to each other and to a supporting wall or structural framework by joining details.

Compatibility: AlgoRhythm Wall Systems can work in conjunction with AlgoRhythm Ceiling Systems and Column Covers and in conjunction with conventional systems.

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Cascade One AWS-10
Cascade Two AWS-20

Cascade Four *AWS-30

Ripples *AWS-40

Undulation AWS-60

Serpentine AWS-50

Irregular Undulation AWS-80

Nested Undulation AWS-70

Irregular Undulating Wall System *AWS-81





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