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AlgoRhythm Ceiling Systems

Description: AlgoRhythm Ceiling Systems can be used in exterior applications such as canopies and arcades. The interior applications are almost limitless and include lobbies, elevator interiors, conference rooms, offices, showrooms, exhibitions, residences, hotels, airports, convention centers, retail stores, restaurants and malls.

Form: The curvilinear forms can be varied in their size and curvature depending on design needs. The undulations can be in any direction on a flat, curved or irregular plane.

Modules: All ceilings are constructed from 3-dimensional modules of variable size up to 3 feet-6 inches by 8 feet. However, panels are typically smaller in keeping with conventional ceiling systems.

Details and Suspension Systems: AlgoRhythm Ceiling Systems are highly distinctive in appearance, but conventional in functionality and installation. As with conventional systems, a black-iron grid is applied to the raw structure, a suspension system is attached to the grid, and individual panels are supported by the suspension system. The suspension system can be visible or hidden. Custom installation systems are available to suit special design needs.

Compatibility: AlgoRhythm Ceiling Systems can work in conjunction with AlgoRhythm Wall Systems and Column Covers and in conjunction with conventional systems.

“Our architecture rolls, swims, flies.”
—El Lissitzky

Box Ripples *ACS-60

Box Ripples *ACS-60

Undulation ACS-40
Vaulted Wave ACS-70
InterRipples *ACS-30

Ripples *ACS-20

Cascade ACS-10

InterRpples ACS-31

Cascaded Wave ACS-80





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